For moisturized hair, use winter hair products that are rich in oils and butters and try to avoid humectants.

According to Tonya McKay Becker (aka CurlChemist), moisture is the most important thing during dry winter months. Ingredients such as humectants that function really well in humid situations can actually cause dryness in during the winter months. If the humidity and dew points are really low, it is best to limit them. Here are our top winter hair product pics that are low or free of humectants to help your hair stay moisturized all winter long.


I also agree with the s&h I really like NC but the shipping is kinda a ripoff IMO.

This article was very helpful. I've been natural for 3 years but now my hair is so much longer and rubs on my scarves and coat plus its just getting more and more dry. I did a treatment last night, but I need to switch up the types of products I use in the winter vs. spring and summer. I primarily have 3c hair and have had some success with a few key products, but its time for change. THANKS!

I totally agree w/u re: the s/h. I use to work for catalog companies, and the s/h was really how they made their profits/$ period. It seems like everyone is trying to rip-off the "common man".

I also agree about the shipping. Can't curl mart start using the flat rate boxes or something to reduce shipping cost. Having to pay shipping does prevent me from buying more.

I agree with you on S&H! You want to buy a $12 item and have to pay $8 to get it. Seriously!?!?!?:-P

I like, need that SO much right now. it's not even funny. Wish i could buy it in a store though. S&H kicks my arse!