My name is Miriam. I’m 25 and I live and work in Milan, Italy. I work as Social Media and Trend Consultant for a few agencies. I’m the co-founder of Collage Mag, a teen magazine that will be launched in September.

I tried to flat iron my hair just once, I think I was 8 or 9 years old. I told myself "OMG this is amazing

I tried to flat iron my hair just once, I think I was 8 or 9 years old. I told myself “OMG this is amazing” and a friend of mine reassured me that it would last a week, at least. The day after I woke up just to realize that I had my naturally curly hair again and I understood that it wasn't worth it.

The only Italian community of natural hair lovers that I know is Afro-Italian Nappy Girls. They have a website and a great Facebook page and I have to say that I love what they are doing. They have two missions: the first one is to engage with nappy girls who live in Italy and to help them to find their style in a natural way. The second one is to raise the awareness on the presence of Afro-Italian people in Italy and to start calling them with the appropriate words (the use of “Afro-Italian” is not common in Italy).

The prevalent “beauty” model has straight, long and mostly dark hair. The opposite of mine haha. Even when she has curly hair, curls are not realistic and it’s really hard to empathize with such unreal models.

In my opinion, the [curly] situation has improved in the last decade.

We have access to the Internet and multiculturality--in our country and worldwide too--is helping us to understand that it’s impossible to live with just one beauty “model.” Beauty is not a rule. When I was a little girl, sometimes someone bullied me because I was the only one with curly hair in my class, but my hair has slowly become my “trademark” and I am very proud of it.

I always try to find cheap products that can guarantee great results in spite of the price. Now I’m trying a shampoo that contain extract of organic oat and it’s doing its job, I like it. It’s produced by Ekos and it is supposed to have a low impact on environment and less damaging ingredients than other products. I bought it in a supermarket in Milan. Next time I would like to try a Lush product. I love the brand and I hope to find something that’s suitable for my hair.

You can find me on TwitterInstagram and Tumblr. And here is the website of my new project, I hope you’ll enjoy it: Collage Mag. Thank you very much Devri!