Yasmin Sewell, chief creative consultant for Liberty of London is a thriving fashion maven among London designers whose style and hair has been drawing plenty of attention lately. Yasmine has a great curly bob. It is more graduated with less angle. It allows the shape of her curls and waves to highlight her long, pointed facial features.


With summer in the air, many stylists find Yasmine’s photos popping up on their counters with numerous curly customers requesting a “Yasmin cut.”

Yasmin’s curly cut has been captured by street photographers in London and NYC. Google any of her photos and you will be able to notice that her curls are always natural, fall right into place and have that classic, look to them that doesn't appear to be trying too hard.


Vogue entitled Sewell’s hairstyle in an online article “Cropped Curls” --a perfect title at that. Yasmin states, “I always want to have the kind of hair that looks like I just got out of bed.” She adds that she has a stylist who understands her hair and texture.

He cuts the curl in a way that kind of thins it out underneath. If you don’t do this, my bob looks like a Christmas Tree and spreads out.

The bob that Sewell maintains is graduated but doesn’t angel towards the front and the length reaches her lips or lower jaw. Allowing this type of cut, you should see something that is more square all around.

Sewell also adds, “My maintenance is not really daily. I wash it and put in a little argan-based oil, it will be fine for three or four days of sleeping on it. Then I get up in the morning and mess it up with my hands a bit.”

If you are thinking of taking on the Yasmin Sewell look, this summer season may be the perfect time. Need something shorter and easier to maintain? Who could complain? Be sure to find a stylist who is willing to work with your hair and communicate with photos and ideas as you work with your stylist.