It is a pretty safe assumption that most curlies have had their share of nightmares when visiting a stylist. I have been there, but now, I love my stylist and would never consider trading her in. It took a long while to get to this place because, my wavy hair and my own picky behavior have rendered finding the right stylist nearly impossible. Sure, some may think that wavy hair is easy, but the truth is, sometimes it can be unruly and rather difficult.

I love my stylist because she listens and she remembers where I part my hair. This may sound like a trivial thing, but honestly, I have been to many who have had their own ideas on where that silly part should be. Of course, during those times I quickly went home, stopping nowhere else along the way, to quickly redo what had been styled.

Not only does my stylist listen to what I want and remember my precious part, she takes the time to explain to me the products she is using, why she is using them, and where I can get them. I love my stylist because she points me in the right direction on the cost of these wavy hair products as well. She is probably more in tune with my finances than I am because she directs me to a comparable product if any of the products she is using is out of my reach.

After all these years, I finally found a stylist who “gets me” and most importantly, gets my desire to change it up often.

Something tells me that there are more curlies and wavies out there that are searching for the perfect stylist. Here are some tips to find your hair’s best friend.

She Listens

Make sure the stylist is going to listen but most importantly be honest (not everyone can have hair like they see in a magazine).

She Shows

You will love your stylist if she takes the time to show you how to achieve the same wonderful look yourself.

She's Attentive

Your stylist should never seem like he/she is in a hurry making you feel as if you are not the most important person at that very moment.

She's Considerate

Even though most stylists are charged with the responsibility of selling their salon’s products, they will not push the issue or make you feel obligated, especially if your wallet is screaming “Don’t do it!”

She Gets to Know You

Of course your stylist should be open to discuss any concerns that you might have and take the time to get to know you so that he/she might be able to make more style suggestions according to your lifestyle or personal taste.

I love my stylist because she is all the above. After all these years, I finally found a stylist who “gets me” and my desire to change it up often — you know, just to keep ‘em guessing. We can often get frustrated when trying to find a stylist, but it’s good to know that there are some real gems out there.

Do you love your stylist or are you still searching?