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Dealing with dry hair during the winter season can be a nuisance. Even trickier is trying to find the right products and masks to try and prevent your curls from being dry.

This is especially true if you color, use heat tools, or chemically alter your hair’s natural state.

This is the time of year where you can really give your curls some TLC by using extra-moisturizing products and ramping up the deep conditioning treatments. Finding ingredients to keep your curls soft might not be as tricky as you think! You might even have some ingredients you could use for your curls in your kitchen right now. Here are the 5 ingredients that can help keep your curls moisturized, soft, and refreshed.

Olive oil

Not only is olive oil great to cook with, but because it is so rich in antioxidants and vitamins E and A, this oil can be a perfect aid to helping your curls regain their moisturize and shine. There are plenty of natural DIY deep conditioning mask recipes online that use olive oil. Treating yourself to a homemade mask is a great way to perk up dry and brittle hair. You can also buy tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask, which contains other moisturizing ingredients like honey.


I know what you’re thinking — yogurt? While it may sound gross, the fat in yogurt is a wonderful natural conditioner, providing your curls with moisture. Yogurt also contains a lot of great vitamins like vitamin D and B5 which work to strengthen and provide your curls with essential nutrients to maintain hair health. These vitamins also help fight against hair loss, plus the anti-fungal properties in yogurt help to treat itchy scalps and dandruff. Don’t want to DIY? Try LaCoupe orgnx Honey & Yogurt Cleansing Conditioner.


The vitamins A, D, and E and fatty acids in eggs not only strengthen and prevent damage but also are a great source of protein. Protein is a great way to repair your hair from any breakage or damage it might have endured and truly gives your curls a full reset. Additionally, the yolks and raw egg whites are a great source of moisture, helping to soothe the scalp from dryness and dandruff.


This may be the most basic ingredient listed in this article, however, water might be one of the most important ingredients on the list. It is essential that we keep ourselves hydrated because our bodies are mostly made of water. When we are dehydrated all that does is dry out our bodies, skin, and also our hair. If you aren’t the best at drinking water, you might want to start! It also should be one of the first ingredients you should see on your styling product’s label because that usually means that the product is aimed at providing your hair with the moisture it needs. So drink up!

Shea Butter

Shea butter is one of the best ingredients you can put in your hair. Not only does it provide your hair with incredible non-greasy moisture, it is also packed with nutritious vitamins like vitamins A, E, and F. All of these vitamins work to promote healthier and softer hair. Shea butter also works to repair and protect your curls against damage whether that’s from chemical treatments, heat styling tools, dyeing, or from harmful environmental factors such as pollution and ultraviolet sun rays. Try Difeel Premium Shea Butter Hair Oil as a pre-poo to your wash day.

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