best ever ways to stay warm

In our latest episode of The Best Ever, our Texan, warm-blooded editors share our survival methods for braving our 60 degree lows. It's true, we don't have winter bomb cyclones, but we do have a pretty temperamental air conditioning thermostat in the NaturallyCurly office.

The good news? Two of these methods come completely free, and the other is less than $10 at drugstores.

According to April, her Hot Hands are worth the investment because they will "keep you from dying." She loves that "they don't just cover you against the elements, they warm you right at your extremities. Frostbite can beat it."

Gerilyn is a bonafied layering champion. You can find her wearing at least 9 stylish pieces of clothing on any given day, "I don't like big coats or puffy jackets - I don't like to feel bulky! So instead I layer until I'm warmed up."

Do you live in an actual cold climate? How do you deal?

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