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The American women completed a sweep of the 800-meter freestyle relay with a dominating performance at the Olympic pool Wednesday night.
On those days when you’re sure you’re going to melt, minimal makeup is your best bet. Skip foundation in favour of a tinted sunscreen product (Neutrogena Healthy Skin or Prada Hydrating Gel Tint in SPF 15) or make your own by mixing a bit of your foundation with your facial sunscreen.
The reason I’ve created my “Play Curl” line is because I constantly am addressed with heads of curls that are not strong enough to stay curly and bouncy all day. Play Curl is a boosting line to help boost your curls with out feeling neither sticky nor dry.
Most of the hair care products we use are mixtures of components that don’t normally mix. These products are mixtures of various types of oils and water and other ingredients whose jobs range from making the oils compatible with the water to providing functions such as preserving the solution, thickening the mixture or adding color, scent or conditioning.
Stylists agree that here should be no rules when it comes to hair length and age. What is important is to find a cut and color that flatter the face shape.
Curly kids have an advantage these days, with greater acceptance of curls, a variety of styling options and a number of products that help kids love their hair’s texture early on.