If you don't vote, don't ***** about the people in power. And if you DO vote, and you vote for a moron, don't ***** about it to me! You have the power to make the country WORK and you sit on your ass watching reality shows, and you get mad and look at me like I'M some kinda weirdo for getting out there and giving a damn. Well, you get the President that you deserve, and you get the country that you deserve. And if you can't see that we are sheep and that one wolf in charge is no better than another, then you SHOULD be eaten by the wolf, 'cause you're just too STUPID to exist.

I know that completely collides with my typical mellow self, but right now I am sick for the umpteenth time this winter, and I'm watching the news on Super Tuesday and realizing that America is NEVER going to figure out that it can do SO much better than "Anyone but Bush." We have a chance. Now it's a slimmer chance than ever. And we keep passing it by, keep letting fear get to us and say "Oh, I can't ask for what I really want, I'll play it safe." NEWS FLASH: THEY CAN'T READ YOUR MIND! IF YOU DON'T ASK FOR IT YOU NEVER WILL GET IT!

And if you can't figure THAT out by now, then YOU DON'T DESERVE IT.
I like having something "down below"
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What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
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don't click this. seriously.