Stop taking this message board so seriously. I'm sorry that these are the only "friends" that you may have in the world, but you have no right to get peeved when someone has an opinion about something. Just because someone isn't neutral about every damn thing here, that doesn't mean that they're ignorant, out there in public behind a podium talking about it, or burning a cross on someone's lawn. People have a right to take a stance on certain things, and if you don't, I really don't know what kind of standards or expectations you have for your own life. It doesn't mean that we expect anyone to believe what we do, either...It may look that way, but a lot of times we are looking for someone who will try to change our minds.

People can say any darn thing they want here about their personal lives, or anything else. If you don't like it, you can just refrain from clicking on the topic. I don't like threads about brainless, idiotic reality shows, or threads where uninformed people try to argue politics, so I just don't read them. Its not like we're on the street waiting for a bus, and trying not to listen to the conversations around us. Everything here is completely avoidable.

Oh yeah, and I hate when people base their opinions on political candidates solely on sound bites they've heard from the media.

One more thing...I really don't see why its necessary to mention how cute/attractive you are...especially in passing. All that does is make me think you are hideous.

And again, don't think I don't have a right to disagree with Evangelicals. If people from your church are standing lakeside in the summer, accosting people who walk by with your condescending, hateful ********, don't expect that people aren't going to flame you. I have listened to your preaching from my family, my best friends, and even my doctor...I have even read books and watched television shows about you. Sorry, but I'm still not convinced. I'm waiting to be, though.