1. People who don't brush their teeth! It ain't that hard to do, really..
2. Cooking for my housemates out of the goodness of my heart and not receiving a word of thanks (or help). I mean seriously, cooking pancakes, the smoke detector goes off and my housemate stands there and looks at it expecting me to turn it off although I'm busy cooking, although I'm cooking breakfast for HER. She got annoyed when I asked her to turn it off :x
3. My damn smoke detector .. seriously, it goes off unnecessarily. If I open the oven it goes off. The one time I actually set something on fire, it didnt go off either!
4. People who leave things such as butter and milk out on the counter after using them.
5. People who waste food! So many go without, and you can let meat spoil in the fridge cuz you're too lazy to cook it??
6. People who drink 2 sips of tea then leaves the rest on top the TV for 2 days..
7. People who are really fat, wear clothes that show their huge belly and butt-crack off, and eat like a pig (eg. tonnes of butter). Can't even wait for food to finish cooking cuz you're so greedy and impatient ... you'd eat half raw pasta and call it al dente simply because you have no patience.
8. You can't pick up someone's phone and read their text messages when they're not there. It's just rude! Don't tell other people what my private texts say either!
9. Leaning over someone's shoulder and breathing on their arm while reading their private MSN messenger conversations ain't cool. Typing messages to them, pretending to be me isn't cool either!
10. Heavy breathing out through your nose, so loud you can hear it from 10 feet away. Whats up with that?!

Can't think of anymore right now .. all except number 3 were about the same person as well. Really long rant, I know, but it's good to get things off your chest. For all of you having trouble with roommates - I know the feeling! She's probably reading this right now anyway HI!

oh one more
11. Not having the guts to tell someone when they're annoying me