I don't care what time of the month it is or what is happening to your body because of it.

The world does not revolve around your opinion and feelings - deal with it.

Stop using the bible as your weapon of discrimination. If "God" wants to judge people for being gay or whatever (insert judgement of choice here) then so be it - it isn't your job or right to be a jack a s s about it.

Note to all southerners: The civil war has ended. Open your minds and get over it.

I don't care how long your family has been in this country - although I'll bet my Cherokee ancestors do.

You don't want kids - fine we get it - but don't hate my child for being born. I'm not having 9 and I don't take her to restaurants at busy times. The human race has to continue - someone has to hate you when you're old.

Cheerleading is overrated.

Skin comes in different colors - everybody got that? Good - let's move on.

I use shampoo with sulfates - and I like it!!

And finally...(drumroll)...Bush is the Antichrist!!!!( to anyone who has read all the posts)
Better everyone think your a fool, than to open your mouth and prove them right.

Perception is not reality.