Hi! I first heard about the Coppola Keratin treatment a few weeks ago. I've read through this entire thread and done as much research as I could about it. I have naturally 3b/3c hair, but I blowdry/flat iron/torture my hair to be as straight as possible. I never really learned how to manage curly hair, so I've been forcing it straight for about 15 years. I used to use relaxers frequently, but I always did it myself and HATED the fried, dry, stiff mess I was left with. I looked into the Japanese treatment and was told 30 seconds into my consult that it would basically disintegrate my hair because of the conflicting chemicals.
I am SOOOOOO excited to be getting the Coppola treatment tomorrow. I have heard and read way more good things than bad, and I've already had my consult. I'm going to Visible Changes and I have quite a lot of faith in them. I've never stuck with one stylist or salon before whether because they didn't know how to do my hair or because of the cost. I was quoted between $300 & $400... hoping it'll be closer to $300 since my hair is a little longer than chin length, but it is thick.
I hope my results are as good as everyone else's!