I was wondering how it turned out! Are you going back to have the salon wash it and blow it out or are you doing it yourself?

So far so good, right now I am a flat head LOL and can't stand it hanging in my face...I am going back on Sunday at 11 to have it washed and blown out...she wanted to see the end result as well.

I paid $350 for full highlights and keratin treatment...I don't go back for the blowout anymore - it is easier for me to do it myself...

Wow, that is cheap...just a partial highlight costs me $125 with a hair cut and my keratin was $325...I may have to keep your place in mind for the next time...How much does she charge you for just the keratin treatment???

I am not sure how I feel about the highlights...the texture of my hair is not quite as soft as it was without and I am concerned about breakage even though she told me I should be fine...time will tell...I am getting a ton of compliments on it though...maybe I am just nervous...

I do not get breakage from the highlights, I condition very well and it sounds like you do too. I love highlights, they just give your hair that extra umph...I am blonde so I get lowlights in the Fall and Winter to bring my hair down a bit and then go lighter in the Spring and Summer.

If your friend can get you stuff at Emiliani, there are a couple of things I would recommend...

1. Moroccan Oil
2. Moroccan Styling Creme
3. Moroccan Mask
4. If you blow dry your hair straight, I use Chi Straight Guard
5. I also buy plastic shower caps...when I am in the shower, I shampoo, then condition and while the conditioner is on, I cover my hair in the cap while I wash, and shave...it is like a 3-5 minute deep conditioning treatment every time i shower
6. I like Biolage Smoothing Conditioner as well

I wasn't crazy about Pureology and I HATED the Coppola shampoo...I tried Paul Brown...it is "ok"...I really like the Thermafuse line (unfortunately Emiliani doesn't carry it) and I am excited to try the new Moroccan Oil line coming out any day...

I have both now, the Coppola and Pureology...I will alternate between the two.

I will post again after I get it done on Sunday and let everyone know how it came out...I tried podting pics but the site was telling me they were too big and I dont know how to make them smaller?
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