Yes, I know I'm fat. Bite me.

No, I don't want to hear about your latest diet program where you can eat all you want and if you don't get out of my face I'm going to assault you. Bite me.

Yes, a little sliver of that will too put me off my diet and I said no. Bite me.

That little girl running around like an idiot at class was fine until you fed her the (insert food with red dye #3 or 40) to which she is allergic. I believe I wrote that in her records and brought her a snack from home. If you can't pay attention, bite me.

My kid is entitled to her opinion. It may not change anything, but I will not have my daughter be a compliant, repressed doll for your son to jerk around. If you don't like it.....well, y'all get the idea.

If you don't want to go to college and get a degree, then you shouldn't be surprised that companies won't hire you for a position that requires a degree. I don't care how well you can hack a database, it's not a job skill most firms are looking for.