so, i'm a 3c i believe, and i am looking for a new hair regimen, as the old one is old and really doesn't work so well. i don't shampoo my hair at all, so a shampoo isn't necessary. what all do you recommend? conditioner, leave in, DT, other assorted hair products, etc. thanks in advance for your help!
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i know you against shampoos but you might want to concider a clarifying shampoo at least once a month
usually when hair products "stop" working it usually bc you hair has accumulated a buildup of products and so your hair wont respond the same way or has and hard time recieving moisture.

other than that the products i use are
garnier frutis sleek and shine leave in conditioner (this is my fave)
coconut oil mixed with aloe gel
ic gel
ive been trying raw shea butter (still havnt decided if i like the smell)

and i just purchased chi keratin mist i have yet to try this out i waited for the next tim i wash my hair
hair type: 3c
my hair is puffy, curly kinky, wavy, straight all at once
Products: garnier frutis sleek and shine leave in coditioner, coconut oil, shea butter, IC styling gel, aloe vera gel,Tresemme straightening gel, IC heat protetor serum.
favorite styles:wash and goes, twist/knot outs, sleek and straight,and curlie fros bc they make me look taller