Anybody with corcscrew (preferably black) coloured their hair (permanent) ? I wana hear your experiences ! Any damage, change to curls? I have a few grey hairs (im only 23) and I am reluctant to colour it all at the salon, in fear of damage. I want to dye it brown because I think curly hair looks great when its a light colour rather than black.

My only other alternative is to buy a home kit and dye the individual hair strands if I look very carefully!
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Hi Curly, I am a professional who uses Schwarzkopf color in the salon (Devachaun uses the same color) it very low in Amonia less than 1% below level 7. If you only have a few grays you could use the DemiPermanent called Viviance a level three would be dark enough and you can decide what tone you want when you see the color chart at the salon. You can find a salon that uses this color at This is a color that thinks it's a conditioner and it blends away up to 60% gray. This line has a lightner that is very gentle to curls also (no thio) cream bleach. The best thing about Viviance is that it doesn't leave a line of demarcation as the hair grows out either, and the shine is incredible. Professional stylists, like myself are not the enemy as some curlies here believe, we educate ourselves and want to give you the most beautiful hair possible. A professional is your best bet, choose wisely, get referrals, if you see someone with pretty color ASK where they get it done and communicate your desired end result, use pictures so you have a frame of refrence. Black to you could be dark brown to me. If you have any other questions, let me know.