i hate this. every time it happens i feel like a damn dog. like really, who pets people?!
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Really? I pet people all the time! I always have, I love the feel of hair, be it straight or curly. Of course these are only people I know. But I only pet the top- I wouldn't run my fingers through it, I don't want to destroy anyone's style, or get tangled up in a knot or something. lol
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see people i know do this to irritate me. but i dont get why a stranger would do that. of course my mom was kind of crazy and would tell me crazy random things as a child like "dont touch peoples hair because they might have lice" then when i was 8 i went to summer camp and let random people braid my hair and came home with lice... so that could be why i'm so weird about it.

but i also think its weird when strangers touch pregnant girls bellies. one of my biggest fears of having a kid is having strange people touch my stomach and then after the kid is born strange people touching my babys hair... ugh lmao
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