I got the copola treatment done about 2 months ago but i have questions that are kinda random. When your hair stylist is applying the treatment to your hair what tool does she/he use and do they apply it at a fast or slow pace? Also is the treatment a brown, watery liquid?

My stylist uses the brush tool that stylist usually use to apply color to the hair. She brushes it on at such a fast pace that I feel like she isn't putting enough on the hair because she spills it on the floor! The treatment is a brown, watery liquid ( I think this is because she uses the one that smells like chocoate?).
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When I had the Coppola, I didn't smell anything. When I had the Brazilian Blowout, the cocoa smell was intense. The fumes were too. Both were applied with a color brush. I think Coppola is a white creamy liquid. When I had the Coppola, the stylist did a good job and took her time. The one who did the Brazilian did not. I know how you feel and that's the reason I don't like stylists. I've been fried and scalped by 'experienced stylists' too many times. Now that I've seen the treatment, I'll just do it myself from now on.