Quit trying to be just like your friend; don't start talking /dressing/acting like her just because you think she's cool! She's really just a skank that has pretty hair. Be yourself, if you even remember who that is!

Don't talk mess about me because I have have guy friends...you're just jealous because they think you are just a peice of a$$ and they actually want to HANG OUT with me!

Don't get mad because your boyfriend and I can carry on a better conversation that you and him can.

If you don't use conditioneror have any in the house, you could at least let me know BEFORE I shampoo my hair and am frantically looking around for it in the shower.

Even though I am not overweight, I can have problem areas. When we are discussing cellulite and stuff, don't say,"Oh you're not EVEN fat!" I didn't ask what YOU thought, I was TELLING you what I thought about my cellulite!

Don't talk about your ex-girlfriends or anything ya'll ever did...I don't care to feel compared!
A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose.

"...you could have a turd on your head and no one would notice."~Subbrock

"I had an imaginary puppy, but my grandpa ate him."~Bailey