Changes I've made since finding I now:
-read the ingredients on products
-only use moisturizing things on my hair
-have learned how to pixie diffuse(with a diffuser never knew what that was before lol)
-usually air dry my hair
-do a weekly DT with heat
-avoid protein(it transforms my hair into straw)
-don't brush my hair dry
-scrunch with paper towels to speed up the drying process
-rinse my hair upside down for more volume at the roots
-love my curls (I used to be so ashamed of my curls).
-have stopped coloring with harsh hair dyes or chemically processing my hair
-use more natural ingredients
-wash my hair less frequently
-use mainly water soluble ingredients to avoid build up problems
-massage my scalp with conditioner and tea trea oil or use Jessicurls Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil ( I used to have problems with having a dry itchy scalp but not anymore)
-listen to my hair
-am obsessed with hair (goes without saying)
So I choose the "changed everything!" option.