Why do you think everything is about you? Couldn't it be possible that something I say has absolutely nothing to do with you?

How do you think it makes you look that you tell me that you hate me just because of how I look and who I date and then you turn around and try to play the victim and make it seem like I am the one out to get you. Insecure much?

Yes I am living with my boyfriend and no it is none of your business if we want to "live in sin", but thanks for your deep concern for my well being. At least you'll still be there for me when I'm rotting in hell.

Please don't call my house before 9 in the morning. I may be up, but I am not interested in talking to you about credit card offers so early in the morning.

Please don't drive so close behind me. You will not get to where you need to be any faster because I will just slow down anyway.

Please don't tell people that you called me and I didn't return your call when you never even called me and you don't even have my number.