I'm not in love with mine yet But this is the first time ever I've worn it curly for more than a few days at a time. This is the first time I've ever tried to take care of my hair like I do my face. I wanna be in love with it, but I'm not digging it yet. I hate the not knowing what it wants to do.

I'm determined to love it and move on. I hated flat ironing it (I'm a low maintenance kinda gal). So I was queen of round brush/blow dryer. I only had to use a flat iron for touch ups. However, my hair has started getting so curly, I couldn't just blow dry it straight anymore. I figured it was time to stop pretending and see what kinda cool stuff lay hidden under there.

Yeah, its not that exciting yet. LOL!!! Its just sorta a wavy, non-defined mess with straight bits and no volume.
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