Don't turn my words around, it pisses me off, since I know you're just trying to pick a fight.

Negative people are people that want eveyone else to be miserable, because they are miserable themselves, so they think no one should be happy. So you negative people, leave me alone, I'M HAPPY!!!!

It cracks me up when people try to make others look bad online. People are soooo tough behind a keyboard.

Don't whine in my ear about the same stupid things everyday. I draw a paycheck to work, not listen to what your girlfriend did or didn't do, your sucky life...blah blah blah. Just shut up, OK?

Don't gripe about how you don't have any money. I myself, just carry a red pen in my checkbook now! No need for a black one. Look in my checkbook at the money that's not there, and the bills that still haven't been paid. See that? Do you hear me complaining about money. Ok then. Shut up about that, too.

Ohhhhh, poor baby got a headache? I have a headache, cramps, I'm bloated and leaking. Did you hear me mention it? No, so once again, shutup.

This isn't how your mother did it, huh? Well then, GO EAT AT YOUR MOTHER'S!!!!!

"If we get a little crazy, blame it on the alcohol." Pat Green