I am sick and tired of short ugly guys only being attracted to me.

Don't tell me that I'm superficial and evil for not being attracted to those guys. Don't tell me personality should be the only thing that matters. You wouldn't date those guys either and you know it. Everyone is superficial for goodness sakes.

Stop asking me if I have ever straightened my hair. Its so flipping annoying.

It really pissed me off when you told me my one good feature is my curly hair. Geez.

I don't care how skinny my legs and arms are. I do have fat in my middle and on my ass. I cover it up. Don't get mad at me for complaining about it.

Don't complain about your cellulite and small boobs and ugly body and then go off and wearing a bikini.

Don't you dare tell me that I shouldn't get or even want breast implants. Every person who tells me this happens to have boobs. You have no right to tell me that. What the hell do you know about not having boobs?

Stop saying the usual "you'll have to beat guys off with a bat" and "guys will be lining up at your door for you, you just wait". People have been telling me that since I was a little kid. Guys aren't interested, simple as that.

Don't you DARE ***** at me about not going to class. You don't understand how depressed I have been this school year. You know nothing. You have no right. You are my fricking roommate.

Your boyfriend should hate you. You suspect him of cheating on you if hes talking to another PERSON while hes on the phone with you. You get mad at him if he doesnt say much on the phone. You constantly ask him in a baby voice if he loves you. You get mad at him if he is talking to you on the phone but not on the internet at the same time. You are a pathetic human being and I hope I never see you again.