There is no need to walk up to me and say "WOW! You're SO tall!" Thank you, Captain Obvious. I wasn't aware of that before you told me.

Don't nitpick at the way I talk. God forbid I use expressions or pronunciations characteristic of the place I'm from. Because of course your way MUST be the right way of saying it.

If I tell you about a problem I'm having, it's because I'm looking to you for support. Not because I want to hear about how my problems are nothing compared to yours.

Don't spend hours every day on the phone with your boyfriend, then complain to me that your grades suck. Study more.

Did you ever think that calling your boyfriend every night and sobbing to him about your problems (that's right, I can hear right through the wall without trying) is really the way to have any kind of relationship? Did you ever think that he's stressed out with his own work, and might want to talk to you about it? Or maybe that he would like to have a conversation, rather than just being there to affirm your self worth.

If we buy 10 oranges at the grocery store, don't eat 8 of them. That's just rude.

Close the freakin' kitchen cabinets. There is no need to leave them hanging open all the time. I'm tall. I hit my head on them.

I don't drink. Deal. Doesn't mean I don't like to have fun, just that I don't equate fun with alcohol. I personally think that I better know how to have fun than you do, since I can enjoy myself without altering my state of mind.

Stop trying to mooch homework answers off of me. I get good grades by working my a** off, which includes actually figuring out how to do the homework questions. I'm not going to give you the answers just because you don't feel like doing them.

And on that note, stop trying to pretend to be my friend just to get my homework help. We both know you wouldn't associate with me outside of class.

AAAAAHHHHH. That feels better. I might have to post again later