I am scheduled to get the keratin treatment tomorrow but am really nervous. I have wavy hair and the hairdresser told me I would still have wave-but no frizz..I currently straighten it every few days but it's always frizzy...Does anyone still have wavy hair after getting this done?

This process does not make your hair poker straight like the Japanese treatment...you will still have to blow it out but it takes a lot less time and there is no frizz.

Also--is there any concern with hair loss? I had a baby 4months ago ago and I'm losing a lot of hair now. Just wondering if this is going to make it worse.

This I am not sure about

And my last question is about the waiting the 3 days...How do you shower/wash your face? How serious is if you use a hair band?? It's going to be really hot this weekend and not sure how that will work with this treatment. So nervous!

I used a shower cap to shower and wash my hair...let me tell you after 2 days of my hair hanging in my face, it was such a relief to put the shower cap on...I just made sure I was as quick as possible. I got my treatment done on 6/11/09 and it was rainy and miserable...I had to walk around with an umbrella even for a drizzle and I am so not that girl LOL
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