Tiffany, let me just say, BAY AREA!

A couple of months back I suggested you go on a cross-country bus tour cutting hair and giving curly cutting classes, and you said you'd need to get licensed in each state. Do you think there is any way to creatively work around that problem? We would all love to help you make the cross-country tour a reality!
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That might not take much...I grew up in CA (Santa Barbara) and SF remains one of my favorite cities in the world

As far as the licensing, I'm a creative kind of gal...I might could figure something out
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Oh, that would be wonderful! Of course, you could plan it for the fall/winter so I can get a 2nd cut by you (hoping I get one on my trip to FL this month, still working on that).

Maybe I could bring my stylist so you can give her some tips for when you're not on tour.

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