I do not decide what I am going to wear and how I do my hair to please you. So if you are not happy with the way I look, look by me. Don't look me up and down roll your eyes as if I was trying to get your attention and you have to let me know you don't like me. IT AINT ABOUT YOU.

If you do not like me the way I am. YOU ARE NOT THE MAN FOR ME. I was text messaging this guy, he told me he liked my hair better straight, it was sexier. Well then you and I could never be b/c I straighten my hair once a year. He asked if I could change that, for what? I like it. Also don't ask me why the curls are so tight and it is so big, and why can't they be looser. I think you need to deal with your issues before you step to me with another question. He also told me he doesn't like women with make up. GUESS WHAT, I have over 20 different glosses and lipsticks, and I'm learning how to play with my eyes. AGAIN, YOU ARE NOT THE MAN FOR ME.

Why can't you understand when I tell you I don't want a relationship sexual or otherwise I mean it? Don't you know when women make up their minds about sex w/ a man, that is it. YOU can't change it. That also means I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT MY SEX LIFE. This fool told me, eventually I will give in to it. That after spending so much time together, and eventually falling asleep at his house in his bed maybe with my clothes off, that I will just say aw he11 and do it. WHAT? Don't you know I know that is how sexual affairs start, so why would I spend all my time with you? ummm hmmm, that is what I thought. How did you find my name again? Why are you text messaging me? And then you got an attitude when I said I didn't want to meet you. And my friends wonder why I don't leave my text messanger on.

OH and fellas, if a lady glance at you, she thinks something about you is attractive. keep on stepping, it doesn't mean she is dying for you to talk to her. She could be admiring your shoes and wants to pick them up for her man. Once again, it aint about you.

Oh and I'm not a lesbian. I just chose not to deal with my emotional break up by sleeping with another man or trying to replace him. I need some me time. I've been in two back to back relationships. I've been dating since I was 20.
Carlos and Carmen Vidal just had a child
A lovely girl with a crooked smile
Now they gotta split 'cause the Bronx ain't fit
For a kid to grow up in
Let's find a place they say, somewhere far away