Tiffany, will you be checking email or PMs while on your vacation? I'm sorry, but there's been so much going on for me right now that I haven't gotten a definite date for an appt yet. You can PM or email me the slots you still have open and I can get back to you. Still the week of July 27-Aug 1. I'm going to get to you if I have to walk there!
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I most likely will not be firing up the computer at all...Ms. Workaholic here vowed not to do any work of any kind while on vaca However, you can call Jim or Christine at the salon and they will be more than happy to help you arrange something...tell them you are a friend of mine from out-of-town and if we need to do an early Tuesday or Wednesday to get you in (they will know what you mean), then I said to go for it
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