Why did my ex boyfriend call me on 2/16 for my birthday, WITH an attitude and he was cold. ummmmm did I ask you to call me. Have I talked to your trifiling ass since January. Have I made any effort to see you or run into you. yeah, I didn't think so.

Oh to the other guy I met. DON'T tell me my mother was stupid for listening to her doctor who has 15 years of school and research under her belt for having surgery first instead of Chemo. Then when I tell you her doctor reassured her the cancer would not spread once the body was opened, don't tell me you know what you are talking about with an attitude, and then say, trust me, I know. I'm sorry what do you do again? Oh thats right, you have a bio degree and went to school to be a SURGICAL TECH. So you HELP the surgeon, you DON'T diagnose the disease or make decisions. ummmmhmmmm that is what I thought.... Also don't tell me about some gadjet you made that will cure cancer, out of some holistic book. Not that I don't believe in holistic medecine, but don't disregard our own prayers, research, knowledge and doctor. It was my mother's decision not yours.

and can you have a little decorem here. You just told me that my Mother's cancer has spread and is now incurable. Also don't tell me I have severe migraines b/c I need to have a root canal. I'm sorry are you a neurosurgeon too.

Now your dumb ass wants to know why I don't want to meet you. You are a know it all, who expects to get his way, and if you don't, you go off on the women, or stop talking to them. I'll pass, I just had this experience w/ my ex. I'm not looking for another human being to control me or my mind. ANd for the last time I DON'T WANT nekkid pics of you. DAMN TRIFLING!!!!!!!

You are right miss cleeky, this feels good.

Oh I got antoher one. Why did this 24 year old try to mack me down?
He was lame too, so I had to ask him how old he thought I was. He said 22 or 23. OHHH. No wonder you think I'd be impressed that you are trying to be a rap star,and you had a gig in a gay bar in Iowa, and they want you back so they can pay you. OHHH OHHHH *raises hand and jumpes up in seat* Can I be your next video ho? WHATEVER!!! Then I told him I was 28, he asked if I had kids. When I said no, he asked if I was allergic to juicing. MF-er WHAT???? I also told him I lived in FP, he asked what side of the bridge it was on. UMMM what? then looked at me like I was stupid when I didn't get it and said it again. Oh no sweetie, you need to get out of the westside, it is not north or south it is WEST from here. Ok please stop talking to me. You already said you were trying to make conversation, and are running out of things to say. Well run your lil ass back to your own table. My beer and I are having a good time jamming to the music. PEACE. Now I have to leave, b/c you can't take a hint. Also, if you ask me to dance and I get up and dance by myself. DON'T JOIN ME. I don't like you. I'm just going to have to be blunt with people from now on.

Why do men think women, are just dying to have a man approach them?

Ummmm I'm an only child. I'm used to being by myself. I can go to a club and sit back and listen to music all nite, with out attracting attn from ANYONE.
Carlos and Carmen Vidal just had a child
A lovely girl with a crooked smile
Now they gotta split 'cause the Bronx ain't fit
For a kid to grow up in
Let's find a place they say, somewhere far away