hi! i have 3c hair and dont get me wrong i just LOVE it! its so fun! and when its blown out straight {i do that once every two months maybe} its pin straight. i heard of this treatment and have been doing research and one aspect of it that i love is that it "fades" away so my curl would come back. i have some days when my hair is really good {sometimes it looks good with frizz} and other days when its just plain awful! i was wondering if anyone with 3c hair like mine had the treatment done and had before and after shots. i dont want to get rid of my curl, i just want it a tiny drop looser and the frizz gone. i dont want to relax my hair though. ive never had any chemical in my hair, no straighteners, no relaxers, no color, no nothing. the thing also is, some days my curl is very tight and some days my hair is just a mes also. what i do when i come out of the shower is use the devacurl angel all over my head and its wet and flat for about 4 hrs then i have to go into the bathroom and flip my head over and flip it back so many times and poof it up. let me know please!!

also three pix that i attached i realize have no frizz in them. those are my good days without frizz but very tight curls. the first day is normally like that but its too tight and too attached to my head. the last pic is with frizz
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