I am sick of girls with boob jobs assuming that all small breasted girls are unhappy with their chest. Just because I am only a 32B does not mean I envy your 32DD! No I do not want them. No I am not jealous. And quite frankly, I probably think you look ridiculous. Learn to love your body for what it is. If a guy doesn't like you because you have small boobs, why on earth would you want someone so superficial? I have found plenty of men who liked my small breasts. Why is that so hard to believe? There is more to me than a set of boobs or lack thereof.

Why oh why do some people continue to have way more children than they can afford to raise? People use some birth control! If you can't afford it go to the public clinic or planned parenthood. When I was a student I used to get it there for free all the time.

And speaking of the clinic, I also got my condoms and aids testing there. People, please be responsible. Wrap it up if you're not in a long term, monogamous relationship where you trust your partner and KNOW he is clean. Don't ASSUME the other person is free of STD's.

Also, wake up people! Just because youre using condoms doesn't mean youre protecting yourself if youre performing oral sex. HELLO! Be safe! Please!

Oh yeah, please don't turn your nose up at me bc I shop at so and so a grocery store, retail store, etc. My roll of paper towels costs much less than yours even though they are exactly the same. I buy my fresh food at the nicer store, but all the rest can be bought elsewhere. This goes for all namebrand stuff. My little no name brand purse is just as functional as your stupid Prada one. Yes yours may last longer, but Im not going to buy 30 of mine over the life of yours. And even if I do, what's it to you?

I am sick of the people who complain about their weight but do nothing about it. Go to the gym, start walking, don't supersize your meal, etc.

To reiterate a point already made, feel free to flaunt it if you got it, but don't flaunt it if you don't. Yes I wear midriffs, but I also don't have rolls to hide.

Also, don't hate on me when I go out without a bra on. My boobs don't sag. So what if it gets cold and my nipples show sometime. If the shirt is really thin, I'll wear a bra, but sometimes its just too damn hot in Fl.
I am perfect.
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- February 25, 2004

Aya. That's Aya spelled backwards.

Barack Obama for President in 2008!