please stop driving so freaking can't be in that big of hurry, and I'm not in that big of a hurry to die because of your crazed need to be somewhere. It also might help to let people over sometimes and check your blind spot. Look around at the world sometimes, you might actually discover some beauty.

please stop pointing out my habbits when yours are just as bad as mine. you are not the perfect invincible bad ass you think you are. in fact, i greatly dislike you, so please stop talking to me all together.

if you say you're going to call me, bloody call me.

although I am happy for you and your new found love, i do not want here about it every freaking day, especially in my current single state. and i reeealllyy don't want to hear about every little detail of your sex life.

don't hate me because i'm beautiful..... j/k

and by the way, hello to all you nice people at may the curls prevail...or something like that.
we left behind the busy crowd, so it seems we slow down, meet me with a way out through the lies. nowhere going nowhere in the fake yellow light...our weakness is the same. we need poison sometimes. - ten, jimmy eat world