To my stupid best guy friend: stop telling me that I am going to have 14 cats and scare all the neighborhood children when I "grow up". Its not going to happen. I hate cats...they friggin' smell (even though I have one...but she's the last cat I'll ever have).

Oh yeah...and just because I'm thin doesn't mean I think I have a good body or I have a good body, because I don't...but I'm okay with that.

Just because I just order soup for lunch, doesn't mean that it is all I'm eating. I have 2 or 3 sandwiches and a whole lot of other crap in my car.

Just because I transferred to a public college, doesn't mean I am a despicable person. I'm sorry that you can't allow yourself to be my best friend anymore because of the school I attended.

Please don't call me up or send me a card just when you want to brag about your wonderful life. I don't care. Also, if you hear that I am doing well for myself one day, don't try to make friends with me again. I know how shallow you are, and I don't want someone like that in my life.

I like you a are one of my best friends, but you are a drunken pill-popping stick in the mud. Everyone tells me you have a problem and that I should say something to you, but I don't, because it would probably be useless...and its really none of my business if you want to do this to yourself.

To all the people who say that I have 80s hair because I wear it natural...**** off! If we were trapped on a desert island, my hair would be the same...its not a style, its the way my hair is.

To all the guys I purposely ignore: I get are better than me, but I don't like you, anyway, so its a win-win. I'm sorry that you can't imagine that someone so lowly as me doesn't think you are everything a man should be.