I am not anorexic, I am just naturally thin. Don't know why, so stop making stupid comments about my weight.

No I will not take you out and buy your lunch just because you are a supervisor. You look like one of those weasles on the Roger Rabbit movie. And don't even think about threatening my job or you will have a big Poopus to deal with.

We are a team so stop forcing YOUR solutions down everyones throats, we do not all feel the same way you do, and those that kiss your bum are just sniveling little followers who think you can actually 'do' something for them.

Have some patience with the senior citizens we deal with and stop talking to them like they are children. They have forgotten more than you will ever know and even if they are grumpy, they DESERVE your respect.

Keep your dog and rotten children out of my yard. You are the worst neighbors I have ever known, the whole neighborhood agrees with me, and we are currently all planning an angry mob scene at your front door.