I know what's going on in the world...I have a passport with stamps in it, I have an attic full of old National Geographic mags in it, I watch educational television, I have books on Christianity/Islam/Judiasm...I have read the Dhamapada, I have read about/attended talks about AAs and their plight, I am aware of how the women live in parts of Africa and Asia, I went to college...I have inherited a whole homemade video library containing more countries than you can think of, and I keep an Islamic prayer rug, Saudi sword, and other stuff like that in my house for decoration. Think your neighborhood's ghetto? Check out East St. Louis, or take a plane trip over to Kosovo...I'll bet you've never seen such a bombed-out ****hole in all of your life. If you don't believe me, I'll send you some personal photographs. I grew up in a town with 5,000 people, and my next-door neighbor is probably in the KKK, but I've also lived in the most affluent neighborhood around for a time...I may be a goober, but I know how different people live.

True, I may not know everything, but I don't want advice from someone like you...someone I really don't respect.

You ask me to explain something I said, or make some rude, unnecessary comment about it, and when I try to explain, you claim that I am forcing my opinion on you. You are just trying to get me to talk more, and overanalyze everything I say to make me look stupid...and I fall for it every time. Good for you.

Stop saying it is nice to see me. I know you don't mean it, and I don't say it back to you for a reason. You are lucky I even talk to you after the way you treat me, and if we weren't related, I wouldn't give a **** if you were alive or dead. Big deal...you plan to only work one year after you graduate college...only to get pregnant and take care of your babies the rest of your life. You're almost a senior, and you don't have a boyfriend, so honey, I don't see it happening. I don't think someone as screwed up as you needs to have kids anyway.

Yes, guys can be creepy, but I'd so much rather spend my time with them than with girls...I guess that makes me weird.

Yes, we are very good friends...Stop asking him what he sees in me. He can be friends with whoever he wants.

You keep saying that I don't care about other people. How come I know everyone's birthday, and how come I keep buying cards and presents for the birthdays and weddings...I don't see you doing it. How come I know what kind of car everyone drives, and what they are currently doing in their lives, and you don't? Maybe that's because I actually *do* care. To bad nobody has taken the time to ask about my life...not that I care.

Most importantly, I don't really like Kerry, so I don't know who I'll vote for...it may be Bush. He's not the anti-Christ, but he had better fix that Iraqi situation...and fast. I don't want all these widows and fatherless children thinking that their husbands/fathers died in vain.

Even though I have some liberal views, I'm not comfortable with any Joe liberal running things. I may not be Republican anymore, but I don't want people making decisons based on anything but facts and common sense...not scripture. I don't drink, smoke, use drugs, whore around, or watch programs/movies with a lot of sex and nudity, but that's not because I think those things will send me straight to hell...

Ah...the burden is getting lighter.