So I'm hoping to be able to buy a pair of glasses one day in the near future and I found a site where you can get a complete pair for about 55 dollars. The only problem is that they're selection of frames is really slim pickins'! They send you the frames to try for free and you just send them back a couple of days later. I've tried about 12 different pairs, and I realize with their selection I'm never going to find anything perfect, but I need a back-up pair because I'm wearing out my eyes and contacts by keeping them in my eyes for about 15 hours a day or so.

I've narrowed it down to about 2 that I can imagine myself wearing. One I really like but is a bit 'crazy' (as my SO says ), but I love the color. I just don't want to look ridiculous (I'd rather have an olive green). The other is 'safer' but a bit boring, yet might look better on me. I wouldn't be wearing them in public that much anyway because I prefer my contacts.

Anyway, I've linked a couple of pics so you can tell me which looks better, if either one. :P Keep in mind I was going on 5th day hair here and it was after the gym, so lots of frizz. (see IWCH, there's LOTS of halo frizz!)
Oh, and btw, the green ones are not measured to fit my face, but if I end up ordering them, they would be measured to fit better. It will be a while before I order anyway, but I'm trying to decide already.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07