Remind me to stay at least 10 feet away from you (100 if there are throwable objects nearby, i.e javelins or bowling balls), Coils! Haha.

I don't run up to random people and get a fistful of hair, but. At school I like to play with the hair of the person sitting in front of me. Especially if it's long and curly. Nothing too touchy, just tugging on ringlets or twirling a few straight/wavy strands around my finger. But only if they're nice/I know them somehow!

I've never had my hair touched by a stranger, thankfully. But my family is like 99.99999999% female and the older women are.. southern, let's say.

So I've gotten used to them shoving their mitts in my roots and saying things like "she has a lot of hair." and "oooo good lord her hair is thick." And some not so nice things.

No, wait. In middle school this one girl touched my hair in the cafeteria while I was in line. My hair was straight but medium length, and she asked if it was my real hair, and if I was mixed when I said yes.

Right, because only mixed people have non-short hair. Silly me!
4a, fine-coarse, normal-high porosity, thick and dense sponge cake!
currently texlaxed!
APL stretched, ear length curly.
Hair <3s: butters, glycerin, honey, coconut, aloe, olive oil
Hair </3s: other oils, protein, 'cones, sulfates
Cleanse: Bentonite Clay
Condition: Shea Moisture Restorative, KUI Hydrating Hemp
Leave-In: KCKT+castor oil, KUI Coconut Cream
Style: Curl pudding (eco styler blue gel+shea butter+castor oil+conditioner)