To be honest, I don't like either pair. I'm not opposed to crazy glasses. In high school, I wore transluscent red cat's-eye glasses with crystals...just because I knew I could never get away with such weird classes after I graduated. That said...

Since you're probably going to have your frames for a few years, I'm gonna be honest. Of the two, I think that the green ones are worse. They're very angular and broad and a little too big, so they change the proportions of your face in a bad way (at least, that's what I think). They also make your eyes seem too close together. (They aren't *really* too close together, but the nosepiece of those glasses is too big.) At the same time, I don't think think the second pair is bold enough, which paradoxically makes them stand out too much for me. I guess they look out of place somehow. Anyway, the pictures are kind of small, so maybe I'm not getting the right impression.

You have *beautiful* eyes (romantic, eh?). You definitely want your glasses to draw attention to them without overpowering them. That doesn't have to rule out strong shapes and colors, though.

I always hate having to find new frames. It's soooo hard to find a good pair. Good luck!