Well, the process was pretty much what's been stated, she washed my hair, blowdried, and applied the treatment, but then she placed the plastic cap and under the hooded dryer approx. 20 min, she then blowdried my hair and flat iron...it looks really good so far. I was told do not get it wet, pin it, pony tail anything, let it stay flat (straight) if it gets wet, blow dry and flat iron. She did offer me the shamp/condish (for color treated) but I have the pureology, so I don't know which one I will go with for my initial wash, I can wash it Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to what the results will be.
Coppola Keratin Treatment-hairback.jpgCoppola Keratin Treatment-hairside1.jpg

Coppola Keratin Treatment-hairside2.jpg

BC - 25 July 2006