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I just had to piggyback on this and include any store but especially grocery stores! And don't sit there taking half an hour to balance your GD checkbook, just quickly write the check and get going! Get a clue that you're holding others up, and it doesn't matter if we're in a hurry or not, we certainly have something better to do (as in anything) other than stand here and watch you maintain your personal finances. Debit cards were made with fools like you in mind, go get one please!

Had to come back and add I am so sick of people who obsess on fashions just to get attention. I don't mean a normal concern or interest in appearance, but trend freaks or people who dress "weird" JUST because they know people willl gawk. Please talk to a friend or see a shrink or whatever and get some self-esteem. People should pay attention to you because of who you are as a person, not because you wear whatever. Don't get me wrong, I can understand the appeals of fashions, to a point, but please, use your God-given brain and decide for yourself if something looks good or not or makes sense or not instead of being so obsessed about getting a reaction from people, especially strangers walking down the street, who cares? To hell with this "oh I'm so hip" or "oh I'm so different" thing. And it's not just fashion. I know women who actually started smoking cigars because it was trendy Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look smoking a CIGAR?? For Goddsake!