haha, most cops are prior military. i understand where vagabond is coming from. i dont hate cops and i dont hate the military. hate is a strong word. to me: hate= kill. the military does a lot of stupid, idiotic things. some cops but not ALL (maybe slightly less than most) are very judgemental. they are very condescending and rude. they also feel like they can talk down to you because they wear a badge. its funny to see the videos on t.v. of cops being way to physical and over react towards a civilian and then when they are questioned about it, their boss comes out with a statment saying:
"they handled everything right." that really gets under my skin. like the video of the hispanic lady who was body slammed on the hard concrete because she didn't wanted to be arrested. she wasn't running away. she just wanted to explain herself more and question the cop. then the news posted pictures of her face with black and purple bruises. Geez! oh, not to mention the two troopers who wrestled with the paramedic who cut them off on the highway. the woman he picked up was inside the ambulance SCREAMING waiting to get to a hospital while the idiots wanted to prove who had the right of way. Seriously!