DIY Coppola:

Do you buy it off of eBay? I see there is someone who sells 2 oz bottles for 40$, just wondering if this is legit.

My first post, also, nice to meet everyone, I usually browse but don't talk
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Femmefatale is the only one I see selling it on ebay. That's who I bought from. She has a 99.7% approval rate and lots of those comments are from people who bought Coppola. I haven't used mine yet. Is it legit? I think so, but can't really be sure, but there is another thread where someone paid for a salon to do Coppola and said it had a strong chocolate smell. That is not Coppola, so even going to a salon and paying $300, you might not get what you think you're getting.
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Ah! When I first read this I thought the ebay user was the hairstylist that did my hair because her salon name is Femme Fatale! But then I went on ebay and saw that the seller femmefatale's location is in North Carolina and I live all the way in south Florida! Haha
Yes, dezignguy30, if you could tell us what color the Coppola hair treatment that you use is that would be great.
Use to be 3A/3B
Currently Coppola Keratin Treatment
Ready to transition back to my curls that I've missed!