I'm so upset, I can't even begin to describe how upset I am. :x I just got my much needed contacts in the mail, super quick I might add, and was so excited because I was wearing my very last contact and it's starting to feel irritate my eye. So I rip open the box and stick one in. I can't see a freaking thing. Not a thing!!! It was worse than my usual almost non-existant vision. I tried it in my other eye, same thing. I decided to try another contact - same thing. So then I check the box and it's exactly the Rx it's supposed to be, then I check my prescription and I've been a complete idiot and ordered +5.75 instead of -5.75 . I can't believe I did that, not only because it was such an idiotic mistake, but because I just wasted all that money that I can't afford to even spend in the first place. I was having a good day until now, now I'm just depressed at the loss of money and contacts. *sigh*

Thanks to everyone who responded about the glasses, I think I will wait until a few months from now when I can afford to splurge on a better pair that I really like.

eta: I've been ordering contacts online for years and have never ordered the wrong Rx.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07