Yep. After 3 days the hydrolyzed wheat protein in the condish got me (I'm an every day washer). I knew if I did a fourth I'd be done for. I felt like It was straightening my hair too. I LOVE the leave-in though and wish I could keep it . Nothing I have ever tried has detangled as easily. I'm really bummed about the protein because even in 3 washes I could see so much more root volume and my thin spots on my crown were barely noticable.

If I got 2nd or 3rd day hair and only had to use them 3x a week I'd keep them but...I just don't. And I can't justify the price if it's not my HG. Ladies I really liked the system and if it weren't for the protein (since I'm sensitive) I'd keep it and use it. I still say it's worth a try.
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