Hi Irishlass, quick question, do you put anything on your hair?? How do you tame your hair normally. I have frizzy hair but use the pantene mouse (frizz ease makes it dry), brush the mouse in top to bottom so it covers the whole hair, scrunch and leave to dry. I find it makes really shiny curls / ringlets and no frizz at all. I would also have your hair layed slightly at the bottom and thined out slightly, only slightly thoughh!! and you should have a head of beautiful curls and wont need to tie it back ever - if you already do all this, sorry )
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I am trying some stuff I am learning in here (I agree - frizz-ease is HORRIBLE) so I haven't settled on a product yet. I thought I'd tried absolutely everything until I found this place. LOL! The thing about layering it is somewhat and even if it is or isn't, it's so unruly you can't really tell. As for the thinning, the big secret is that my hair is REALLY thin. If I were to put it in a tight ponytail, it's only about as big around as my pinky. Of course the actual ponytail is a huge puffball. So it's quite deceiving...I just LOOK like I have a lot of hair.

When I had it straightened (it only lasted until I washed it after the 48 hr. waiting period and it was the $300 japanese thing!) it was very apparent that I have really thin hair.

Since I've started on the no-poo method, I have noticed that my hair isn't shedding as much, though, so that's good.

Which pantene mousse?
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I wish I had a 2 foot afro! I would wear it that big all the time! Is your hair 4a? I've never seen a non black person with 4a before! Anyway it looks lovely!
Hair type: Type 4-beauty (4a/4b).

Staples: (Qhemet rules!):
Leave in conditioner / Daily mosturiser: Alma and Olive Heavy Cream.
Former fave: Shea butter - (appears to be making my hair less thick - so I'm not too happy),
Detangler (only need to use after shampoo): Cocoa tree detangling ghee.
Shampoo: Aubrey organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturising conditioner.
Deep conditioner: Still searching...

Hair hates: Natural oils of any kind.