DO NOT BEEP AT ME and wave your hands just because I'm not making a right on red right away. Are you in THAT much of a rush? It's really not my problem if you left your house too late this morning. I am not risking my life because you're a moron.

I love you and you're a good friend, but please stop trying to make me feel guilty that my family doesn't have money problems and yours does. I'm not spoiled, my mom doesn't hand over money to me when I ask her, I work just as you do. Yes, my mom does pay for my college education...most moms and dads do! You have a good family and they really love you...I think that's more important than anything.

I'm sorry you're so obese. I wish there was something I could do for you, but I'm scared to offend you. You talk about your weight problem all the time, and it doesn't really seem like you're doing anything about it. I wish I could help you, but I don't know what you need.

No, you have NO idea what it was like for me to lose my father because your grandfather/uncle/neighbor died. NOT THE SAME THING AT ALL.