Depends on your hair. I will give you one wavy's perspective.

I know people like Giovanni's Tea Tree shampoo/conditioner and I wanted to like it, but it strips the heck out of my hair. Oddly it does so more than my sulphate containing Back To Basics Curl Refreshing shampoo. I like that line and have been using it now since I have decided that I do need to shampoo and I do need at least occassional sulphates. I do wash with the CG method of applying conditioner to the ends every time I lather with the shampoo. Once that bottle is done, the search is on for another shampoo that might work just a bit better, but I find less frizz with that line (although still frizzy because that's just how my hair is).

I love Aubrey Organics B5 design gel for when I blow out my hair or want to have a neater look (the hold isn't very strong but it does condition/protect the hair). But their GPB shampoo left my hair feeling strawlike and their conditioner left it overconditioned.

I tried Avalon Organics with mixed success. I didn't feel it cleaned very well. Their conditioners contain cones.

I have tried Giovanni's Smooth as Silk shampoo which works pretty well but should be alternated with a stronger shampoo because it can cause a bit of buildup.

Despite the admonitions against them, I have found that I need at least occasional sulfates in order to maintain clean hair. I just try to use the gentlest sulfate containing shampoos (just one sulfate) like the Back to Basics line.
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2a/2b/2c i & ii. Very frizz prone in front, sides and canopy. Some spiral curls in front on good days. Mixed fine and medium thickness.