- Please step down off of your self-righteous pedestal and get over yourself. You are not competing for Miss America - you do not need to tell me how much your new house costs, how you're just miss busy-body by participating in all these do-good activities and then turn around and bag on your fiance for essentially just being a guy! You have mental problems if you think you need to lose weight - you are skinnier than I am and I'm skinny! Then again, its all about you and how you are doing something that is better than everyone else.

-Stop calling me - I am NOT my supervisor's secretary or answering service - if she doesn't answer her phone, she's obviously away from her desk or on the other line, which means she's NOT AVAILABLE! I gave her your message 2 hours ago to call you - if she hasn't, that's not MY problem!

-Slow the freak down and enjoy life a little would ya?! Yes, I'm driving the speed limit *gasp* Imagine that. So please, remove yourself from my tailpipe and BACK OFF!

-You all are just as bad as high schoolers - you stand around and talk about one another and back stab - that's why I don't talk to any of you all day because I know I'm getting talked about behind my back. I DESPISE fake people.

-Stop being so judgemental. Just because someone chooses to do something that you don't agree with or would not do in that particular manner doesn't mean its wrong. I've tried my best to warm up to you, but have felt alienated and will not forget that for a long time. I am not a bad person, so why do you insist on making me feel like I am?

Whew......that's a start.......