OK this will probably tick off a lot of you but anyway - attention everyone who is ultra politically correct and gets offended at the drop of a hat: please do the rest of us a big big favor and go live in a cave. Of course knowing you you'll get offended by the rocks or something. Seriously if you're just looking for an excuse to cry, how about we throw you off a cliff so you at least have a good reason. Better yet move to Somalia or just about anyplace else for awhile and you'll see what REAL opression is. You are a spoiled idiot; get a grip. If someone calls me "tall" instead of "vertically blessed" or "Indian" instead of "Native American" I could give a flip (unless their intent is clearly hostile or rude). God forbid, I just called someone "black" instead of "African American" and got some childish go to hell look. ?? Oh no what a catastrophe. Guess what honey, I think AA is a ridiculous term anyway, because it's confusing and just too stinking long. And you know what, "AA" isn't any more noble or high and mighty than "black," which when I grew up 100 years ago in fact WAS the PC term. In fact, as "NAs" crying about the football team Redskins name, get over yourselves too. I understand your point and don't care for it either, but I think very few if any people think negatively of us when they think of that football team. We have much more serious issues that you should devote your time to if you REALLY care about "your" people.